All work requests must be made by filling out the Application Form provided below.

Minor Modification or Maintenance

Minor Modifications are activities that do not structurally alter the installation or increase overall weight and/or size of the existing installations. Minor modification activities comprise of radio swap outs, antenna changes, and internal component upgrades.

Maintenance activities include maintenance of equipment per industry standard procedures set forth by the carrier to keep their equipment in proper working condition.

Major Modification or New Construction

Major modifications are modifications that structurally change the installation or increase the size of installation.

New construction includes the replacement of poles and the installation of all or partially new equipment.

Temporary Rental or COW

Temporary sites that can be rented out on an as-needed basis for special events such as the Taste of Chicago or music festivals.

Application Submission

Your completed application and any additional documents should be emailed to A $500.00 application fee must be paid to the Chicago Park District at the time of application submittal. Instructions on how to pay the fee can be found in the application. Following the application submission, a project manager at SPAAN Tech will review the application to ensure it is accurately completed before sending it to the Chicago Park District for review. The Chicago Park District will review the application and make a decision.  An individual from SPAAN Tech will then reach out to the applicant to let them know the status of their application. Should the application be approved, the process will begin to move forward with site visits and engineering reviews.