List of Parks

List of all Chicago Parks

Park NameNearest Address
Abbott49 E 95Th St
Ada11250 S Ada St
Adams (George & Adele)1919 N Seminary Ave
Adams (John)7535 S Dobson Ave
Addams (Jane)1301 W 14Th St
Addams (Jane) Mem’l485 E Ohio St
Aiello2133 N Mcvicker Ave
Algonquin2941 N Washtenaw Ave
Almond2234 W 115Th St
Altgeld515 S Washtenaw Ave
Amundsen6200 W Bloomingdale Ave
Anderson (Fred)1629 S Wabash
Anderson (Louis)3748 S Prairie Ave
Andersonville5233 N Ashland Ave
Arcade11144 S St Lawrence Ave
Archer4901 S Kilbourn Ave
Armour Sq3309 S Shields Ave
Armstrong4433 S St Lawrence
Arrigo1250 W Lexington St
Ashe Beach2701 E 74Th St
Ashmore4807 W Gunnison St
Aspen4237 S Wabash Ave
Aster4639 N Kenmore Ave
Athletic Field3546 W Addison St
Auburn406 W Winneconna Pkwy
Augusta4431 W Augusta Blvd
Austin5951 W Lake St
Austin Foster6020 W Foster Ave
Austin Town Hall5610 W Lake St
Avalon1215 E 83Rd St
Avondale3516 W School St
Back of the Yards4920 S Throop St
Baraga2440 S Leavitt St
Barberry2827 W Arthington St
Barnard10441 S Longwood Dr
Barrett2022 W Cermak Rd
Bartelme115 S Sangamon St
Battle of Fort Dearborn1801 S Calumet Ave
Bauler517 W Wisconsin St
Beehive6156 S Dorchester Ave
Beilfuss1725 N Springfield Ave
Bell3020 N Oak Park Ave
Beniac Greenway3925 E 104Th St
Berger6227 N Sheridan Rd
Bessemer8930 S Muskegon Ave
Beverly2460 W 102Nd St
Bickerdike Sq1438 W Ohio St
Big Marsh11555 S Stony Island Ave
Birch427 E 45Th St
Bixler5641 S Kenwood Ave
Blackhawk2318 N Lavergne Ave
Blackwelder1800 W 115Th St
Block346 W 104Th St
Bogan3939 W 79Th St
Bohn1978 W 111Th St
Boler3601 W Arthington St
Bosley3044 S Bonfield St
Boswell6646 S University Ave
Bradley9729 S Yates Ave
Brainerd1246 W 92Nd St
Brands3285 N Elston Ave
Brighton3501 S Richmond St
Broadway Armory5917 N Broadway
Bromann5400 N Broadway
Broncho Billy4437 N Magnolia Ave
Brooks (Gwendolyn)4542 S Greenwood Ave
Brooks (Oscar)7046 N Harlem Ave
Brown Mem’l644 E 86Th St
Brynford5640 N Pulaski Rd
Buena Circle1049  W Buena
Buffalo4500 N California Ave
Burnham425 E Mcfetridge Dr
Burnside9400 S Greenwood Ave
Buttercup4913 N Sheridan Rd
Butternut5324 S Woodlawn Ave
Byrnes1735-37 E 96Th St
California3843 N California Ave
Calumet9801 S Avenue G
Canal Origins2701 S Ashland Ave
Canalport Riverwalk2900 S Ashland Ave
Carmen1224 W Carmen Ave
Carpenter6155 S Carpenter St
Carver939 E 132Nd St
Catalpa4330 S Kedvale Ave
Cedar5315 N Winthrop Ave
Centennial6086 N Northwest Hwy
Central721 N Central Park Ave
Challenger1100 W Irving Park Rd
Chamberlain Triangle4233 S Greenwood Ave
Chase4725 N Ashland Av
Chestnut7005 S Dante Ave
Chicago Women’s1801 S Indiana Ave
Chippewa6758 N Sacramento Ave
Chopin3420 N Long Ave
Christiana1533 S Christiana Ave
Churchill Field1825 N Damen Ave
Claremont2342 W Flournoy St
Clarendon CC4501 N Clarendon Ave
Clark (John)4615 W Jackson Blvd
Clark (Richard)3400 N Rockwell Ave
Clover2210 N Southport Ave
Clybourn1755 N Clybourn Ave
Cochran5554 N Magnolia Ave
Cole361 E 85Th St
Coleman900 E 54Th Pl
Coliseum1466 S Wabash Av
Columbus500 S Central Ave
Commercial Club1845 W Rice St
Connors871 N Wabash Ave
Cooper1332 W 117Th St
Cornell5473 S Cornell Ave
Cornell Sq1809 W 50Th St
Cosme2100 W 91St St
Cotton Tail44 W 15Th St
Cottonwood5058 W West End Ave
Cragin2611 N Lockwood Ave
Crawford1516 S Karlov Ave
Crescent2230 W 108Th Pl
Curie4959 S Archer Ave
Daley3150 S Western Ave
Davis (Nathan) Sq4430 S Marshfield Ave
Davis (Margaret)5427 W Division St
Dawes8040 S Damen Av
De Burgos1805 N Albany Ave
Dean1356 N Dean St
Dearborn865 S Park Ter
DeBow1126 E 80Th St
DeGeorge4905 W Wabansia Ave
DeJulio6056 N Landers Ave
D’Elia6340 N Lakewood Ave
Dickinson4117 N Lavergne Ave
Dixon8931 S Dauphin Ave
Dobson7521 S Dobson Ave
Dogwood2734 W Polk St
Donahue1230 W School St
Donovan3620 S Lituanica Ave
Dooley3426 W 77Th St
Doria Beach1040 W Columbia Ave
Dougherty9336 S Kingston Ave
Douglas1401 S Sacramento Dr
Drexel6931 S Damen Ave
Dubkin7442 N Ashland Blvd
Dunbar200 E 31St St
Dunham4640 N Melvina Ave
Durkin8441 S Kolin Ave
Durso421 W Locust St
DuSable401 N Lake Shore Dr
Dvorak1119 W Cullerton St
Eckersall2430 E 82Nd St
Eckhart1330 W Chicago Ave
Edgebrook6525 N Hiawatha Ave
Edison6755 N Northwest Hwy
Edmonds711 W 60Th Pl
Erhler2230 W Cortland St
Ellis600 E 37Th St
Elm5215 S Woodlawn Ave
Elston3461 N Troy St
Emerald5600 S Emerald Ave
Emmerson1820 W Granville Ave
Essex7687 S South Chicago Ave
Euclid9800 S Parnell Ave
Eugenie Triangle1707 N La Salle St
Evergreen631 W Belmont Ave
Fargo Beach1300 W Fargo Ave
Fellger2012 W Belmont Ave
Fernwood10436 S Wallace St
Fernwood Pkwy9501 S Eggleston Ave
Field5100 N Ridgeway Ave
Filbert1822 W Larchmont Ave
Flower2554 W Moffat St
Flying Squirrel6600 S Woodlawn Ave
Forest Glen5073 W Berwyn Ave
Fosco1313 S Throop St
Foster1400 W 84Th St
Franklin1449 S Kolin Ave
Fuller331 W 45Th St
Gage2415 W 55Th St
Galewood5729 W Bloomingdale Ave
Garfield100 N Central Park Dr
Garibaldi1520 W Polk St
Gately810 E 103Rd St
Gill825 W Sheridan Rd
Ginkgo3432 W 15Th St
Gladstone5421 N Menard Ave
Gladys3307 W Gladys Ave
Goldberg7053 N Glenwood Ave
Golden Gate500 E 130Th St
Gompers4222 W Foster Ave
Gooseberry4648 N Malden St
Goudy Sq1255 N Astor St
Grand3531 W Grand Ave
Grand Crossing7655 S Ingleside Ave
Grandparents’5445 N Chester St
Grant331 E Randolph St
Grape2850 W Avondale Ave
Graver1518 W 102Nd Pl
Green6500 N Algonquin Ave
Green Briar2650 W Peterson Ave
Greenebaum1729 N Kildare Ave
Griffin1234 W Jarvis Ave
Gross2708 W Lawrence Ave
Haas2402 N Washtenaw Ave
Hale6140 S Melvina Ave
Hamilton513 W 72Nd St
Hamlin3035 N Hoyne Ave
Hansberry5635 S Indiana Ave
Harding (Frederick)3921 W Division St
Harding (George)4912 S Calumet Ave
Harris (Harriet)6200 S Drexel Ave
Harris (Ryan) Mem’l6701 S Lowe Ave
Harrison1824 S Wood St
Harsh4464 S Oakenwald Ave
Hartigan Beach1040 W Albion Ave
Hasan6855 S Oglesby Ave
Hayes2936 W 85Th St
Hazelnut5949 W Huron St
Hegewisch Marsh13000 S Torrence Ave
Heritage Green610-30 W Adams St
Hermitage5839 S Wood St
Hermosa2240 N Kilbourn Ave
Hiawatha8029 W Forest Preserve Ave
Hickory4834 N Winthrop Ave
Hoard7221 S Dobson Ave
Hodes1607 E 73Rd St
Holly4052 S Ellis Ave
Hollywood3312 W Thorndale Ave
Holstein2200 N Oakley Ave
Homan2148 S Homan Ave
Homan Sq CC3517 W Arthington St
Honeysuckle4637 S Champlain Ave
Honoré916 N Honore St
Horan3035 W Van Buren St
Hornbeam1422 S Hamlin Ave
Horner2741 W Montrose Ave
Houston5001 S Cottage Grove Ave
Howard Beach1300 W Howard St
Hoyne3417 S Hamilton Ave
Hubbard4950 W Hubbard St
Huckleberry6200 S Kimbark Ave
Humbert632 W 31St St
Humboldt1400 N Humboldt Dr
Hurley1901 W 100Th St
Independence3945 N Springfield Ave
Indian Boundary2500 W Lunt Ave
Indian Road6010 W Matson Ave
Jackson (Andrew)6401 S Stony Island Ave
Jackson (Mahalia)8385 S Birkhoff Ave
Jackson (Robert)4319 S Indiana Ave
Jacob4674 N Virginia Ave
Jacolik2731 S Eleanor St
Jefferson (Nancy)3111 W Fulton Blvd
Jefferson (Thomas)1630 S Jefferson St
Jefferson (Thomas) Mem’l4822 N Long Ave
Jensen4600 N Lawndale Ave
Jones1240 S Plymouth Ct
Jonquil1023 W Wrightwood Ave
Junction Grove345 W 64Th St
Juneway Beach7751 N Eastlake Ter
Juniper3656 N Greenview Ave
Kedvale4140 W Hirsch St
Keeler1243 S Keeler Ave
Kells3201 W Chicago Ave
Kelly (Edward)2725 W 41St St
Kelly (John)3800 N Seminary Ave
Kelvyn4438 W Wrightwood Ave
Kenmore3141 N Kenmore Ave
Kennedy11320 S Western Ave
Kennicott4434 S Lake Park Ave
Kensington345 E 118Th St
Ken-Well2945 N Kenosha Ave
Kenwood Comm.1330 E 50Th St
Keystone1655 N Keystone Ave
Kilbourn3501 N Kilbourn Ave
King1212 W 77Th St
King- Lockhart10609-15 S Western Ave
Kinzie Pkwy5200 W Kinzie St
Kiwanis3315 W Carmen Ave
Klein3538-40 N Lincoln Ave
Kolmar4143 N Kolmar Ave
Korczak6156 N Claremont Ave
Kosciuszko2732 N Avers Ave
Krause10558 S Avenue L
Kucinski- Murphy1635 W 33Rd Pl
La Follette1333 N Laramie Ave
La Villita2800 S Sacramento Ave
Lake Meadows3113 S Rhodes Ave
Lake Shore254 E Chicago Ave
Lamb1400 W 109Th St
Lane Beach1000 W Thorndale Ave
Langdon1754 W Albion Ave
Langley700 E 113Th St
Lawler5210 W 64Th St
Lazarus1257 W Columbia Ave
Le Claire- Hearst5116 W 44Th St
Lee3700 W 87Th St
Legion3100 W Bryn Mawr Ave
Leland Giants7526 S Lowe Ave
Leone Beach1222 W Touhy Ave
Lerner7000 N Sacramento Ave
Levin462 N Pine Ave
Lily Gardens632 W 71St St
Limas2410 S Trumbull Ave
Lin1735 S State St
Lincoln200 W Fullerton Pkwy
Lindblom6054 S Damen Ave
Linden1139 N Pulaski Rd
Little Venice2251 W 50Th Pl
Livingston Field2139-59 W. Lexington St
Logan Sq Skate Park2430 W Logan Blvd
London3432 W 18Th St
Lowe5203 S Lowe Ave
Loyola1230 W Greenleaf Ave
Luella10021 S Luella Ave
Luna5558 S Green St
Lunt2239 W Lunt Ave
Lyle7700 S Wallace St
Madigan4701 W Marquette Rd
Magnolia3228 W Flournoy St
Major Taylor Bike Trail 
Malus5426 S Shields Ave
Mandrake900 E Pershing Rd.
Mann3035 E 130Th St
Maple2047 N Spaulding Ave
Maplewood1640 N Maplewood Ave
Mariano1031 N Rush St
Marquette6734 S Kedzie Ave
Marshfield1637 W 87Th St
Martin922 W Fletcher St
Mason4100 W West End Ave
Matanky6937 N Ridge Blvd
Mather5835 N Lincoln Ave
Mayfair4550 W Sunnyside Ave
McGuane2901 S Poplar Ave
McInerney4446-58 S. Emerald Ave
McKeon600 W 36Th St
McKiernan10714 S Sawyer Ave
McKinley2210 W Pershing Rd
Mellin1600 W Bryn Mawr Ave
Memorial149 W 73Rd St
Merrill2131 E 96Th St
Merrimac6343 W Irving Park Rd
Merryman3736 N Marshfield Ave
Metcalfe4196 S State St
Meyering7140 S Dr Martin Luther King J
Miami2754 S Trumbull Ave
Micek5311 S Hamilton Ave
Mid-North401 W Belden Ave
Midway Plaisance5950 S Woodlawn Ave
Millard1331 S Millard Ave
Miller848 S Miller St
Minuteman5940 S Central Ave
Moccasin Ranch6446 S Kimbark Ave
Montgomery2632 W 66Th St
Monticello1814 N Monticello Ave
Monument6700 N Avondale Ave
Moore5085 W Adams St
Moran5727 S Racine Ave
Morgan Field11710 S Morgan St
Morgan Park Sports Ctr11505 S. Western Av
Mount Greenwood3724 W 111Th St
Mozart2036 N Avers Ave
Mulberry3150 S Robinson Ct
Mulberry Point5873 N Nina Ave
Munroe2617 W 105Th St
Murray1743 W 73Rd St
Myrtle Grove6113 N Neva Ave
Nash CC1833 E 71St St
Neighbors’ Garden2533 N Sacramento Ave
Nelson2953 W Nelson St
Nichols1342 E 54Th St
Ninebark1447-1453 S Harding Ave
Noethling2645 N Sheffield Ave
Normandy6660 W 52Nd St
North Boundary7211-7355 N Kedzie Ave
North Mayfair4537 W Carmen Ave
North Park Nature Ctr5801 N Pulaski Rd
North Shore Beach1040 W North Shore Ave
Northerly Island1400 S Lynn White Dr
Norwood5801 N Natoma Ave
Norwood Circle7117 W Peterson Ave
Nottingham7101 W 63Rd St
Oakdale965 W 95Th St
Oakley6441 S Oakley Ave
Ogden6500 S Racine Ave
Ogden Plaza429 N Columbus Dr
O’Hallaren8335 S Honore St
Ohio4712 W Ohio St
Ohio & Harding607 N Harding Ave
Olympia6566 N Avondale Ave
Oriole5430 N Olcott Ave
Orr744 N Pulaski Rd
Owens2100 E 88Th St
Oz2021 N Burling St
Packingtown4856 S Laflin St
Palmer200 E 111Th St
Palmer Sq2200 N Kedzie Ave
Palmisano2850 S Halsted St
Park 3266430 S Kenwood Ave
Park 3828116 S Halsted St
Park 3991420 N Artesian Ave
Park 4144302 W Division St
Park 4198001 S Wabash Ave
Park 4215300 S Halsted St
Park 4223200 W Congress Pkwy
Park 4323349 W Rice St
Park 4375653 S Loomis St
Park 4684556 W 56Th St
Park 4743231 W Douglas Blvd
Park 500730 S Springfield Ave
Park 5121800 N Ashland Ave
Park 5141434 N Monticello Ave
Park 5175914-5924 N Sheridan Rd
Park 5191944 S St. Louis Ave
Park 5276200 S Lasalle St
Park 5286336 S Kilbourn Ave
Park 5292155 W Wabansia Ave
Park 5341300 S St Louis Ave
Park 535800 W Wisconsin St
Park 5361401 N Noble St
Park 5386400 N Kedzie
Park 5402401 S Federal St
Park 543640 S. Federal St.
Park 546450 E. Benton Place
Park 551353 N Des Plaines St
Park 5524901 W Belmont Ave
Park 5562529 W Logan Blvd
Park 5596151 N Sheridan Rd
Park 56511600 S Torrence Ave
Park 5667901 S Farragut
Park 5671799 N Milwaukee Ave
Park 5685601 N Western Ave
Park 5691358 W Monroe St
Park 5712754-2860 S Eleanor St
Park 5721601-3701 W Bloomingdale Ave
Park 573701 E 114Th St
Park 5742540 W Jackson Blvd
Park 5762100 E 134Th St
Park 5781919 W Maypole Ave
Park 5804030 N Oak Park Ave
Park 58111625 S Oakley Ave
Park 5829202-35 S Vanderpoel Ave
Park 58310108 S Exchange Ave
Park 584134 W 119Th St
Park 5856049 S Whipple St
Park 5867208 S Maplewood Ave
Park 587658 E 95Th St
Park 58810440-44 S Corliss Ave
Park 589227 W 110Th Pl
Park 5903938-40 S Indiana Ave
Park 5913906 S Lake Park Ave
Park 5924149-53 S Vincennes Ave
Park 5934546 N Kedvale Ave
Park 5943159 S Halsted St
Park 595247 W 128Th St
Park 5964830 S Western Ave
Park 59712500 S Torrence Ave
Park 5981514 N Larrabee St
Park West745 W Wrightwood Ave
Park-View3823 W School St
Parsons4701 W Belmont Ave
Paschen1932 W Lunt Ave
Pasteur5825 S Kostner Ave
Pendleton4347 S Calumet Ave
Periwinkle100 W 66Th St
Peterson5801 N Pulaski Rd
Pietrowski9650 S Avenue M
Pine9507 S Oglesby Ave
Piotrowski4200 W 31St St
Pleasant Point6813 W Imlay St
Poplar4046 S Prairie Ave
Portage4100 N Long Ave
Pottawattomie7340 N Rogers Ave
Prairie Wolf6310 S Drexel Ave
Prinz Beach1050 W Pratt Blvd
Pritzker301-52 S State St
Privet1844 N Sheffield Ave
Prospect Gardens10970 S Prospect Ave
Pulaski1419 W Blackhawk St
Pullman11113 S Cottage Grove Ave
Quinn6239 N Mcclellan Ave
Railroad Junction7334 S Maryland Ave
Rainbow Beach2873 E 75Th St
Rainey4350 W 79Th St
Ravenswood Manor4626 N Manor Ave
Renaissance1300 W 79Th St
Revere2509 W Irving Park Rd
Reyes827 W 19Th St
Ridge9625 S Longwood Dr
Ridge Park Wetlands9516 S Wood St
Riis6100 W Fullerton Ave
River5100 N Francisco Ave
River Esplanade401 E River Dr
Roberts Square5230 W Argyle St
Robichaux9247 S Eggleston Ave
Robinson10540 S Morgan St
Rogers7345 N Washtenaw Ave
Rogers Beach7705 N Eastlake Terrace
Ronan3000 W Argyle St
Roosevelt62 W Roosevelt Rd
Rosedale6312 W Rosedale Ave
Rosenblum2000 E 75Th St
Rowan11546 S Avenue L
Ruiz3801 W 45Th St
Russell Sq3045 E 83Rd St
Rutherford Sayre6871 W Belden Ave
Sacramento3520 N Sacramento Ave
Saint Louis347 N St Louis Ave
Sauganash5861 N Kostner Ave
Sauganash Trail4400 W Devon Ave
Schaefer2415 N Marshfield Ave
Schafer8900 S Green Bay Ave
Schreiber1552 W Schreiber Ave
Scottsdale4620 W 83Rd Pl
Seneca228 E Chicago Ave
Senior Citizens Mem’l2238 N Oakley Ave
Senka5656 S St Louis Ave
Senn5887 N Ridge Ave
Seward375 W Elm St
Shabbona6935 W Addison
Shedd3660 W 23Rd St
Sheil CC3505 N Southport Ave
Sheridan910 S Aberdeen St
Sherman1307 W 52Nd St
Sherwood5705 S Shields Ave
Simons1640 N Drake Ave
Sintic2835 S Wallace St
Skinner1331 W  Monroe St
Smith (Joseph Higgins)2526 W Grand Ave
Smith (Wendell)9912 S Princeton Ave
Snapping Turtle534 N Albany Ave
Snowberry1855 W Huron St
South Lakeview1300 W Wolfram St
South Shore CC7059 S South Shore Dr
Spikings Farm4706 N Pulaski Rd
Spruce1437 E 54Th St
Stanton640 W Scott St
Starr2306 W Maypole Ave
Stars & Stripes7000 W 51St Pl
Stateway3658 S State St
SteelworkersE 87Th St At The Lake
Stone3140 W Peterson Ave
Stout5446 S Greenwood Ave
Strohacker4347 W 54Th St
Sumac4201 S Champlain Ave
Summerdale7262 W Summerdale Ave
Sun Yat-Sen300 W 24Th Pl
Sunken Gardens2634 W Sunnyside Ave
Supera2528 N Racine Ave
Superior2101 W Superior St
Sweet Clover650 N Leamington Ave
Sycamore5109 S Greenwood Ave
Taylor100 W 47Th St
Taylor- Lauridsen647 W Root St
The Grove8421 S Morgan St
Throop1811 S Throop St
Thuis4800 N Lavergne Ave
Till-Mobley6410 S Ellis Ave
Tilton305 N Kostner
Ping Tom Mem’l300 W 18Th St
Touhy7348 N Paulina St
Touhy- Herbert2106 W Adams St
Trebes2250 N Clifton Ave
Triangle1750 W Juneway Ter
Trumbull2400 E 105Th St
Tuley501 E 90Th Pl
Union1501 W Randolph St
Unity2636 N Kimball Ave
Valley Forge7001 W 59Th St
Veterans’ Mem’l2820 E 98Th St
Violet4120 W Taylor St
Vittum5014 W 50Th St
Vogle2100 W Lawrence Ave
Wagner948 W 51St St
Wallace607 W 92Nd St
Walsh1722 N Ashland Ave
Wang1719 W Wolfram St
Montgomery Ward630 N Kingsbury Ave
Warner Garden1426 W Warner Ave
Warren6621 N Western Ave
Washington (Dinah)8215 S Euclid Ave
Washington (George)5531 S Dr Martin Luther King J
Washington (Harold)5200 S Hyde Park Blvd
Washington (Harold) Mem’l7710 N Paulina St
Washington Sq901 N Clark St
Washtenaw2521 S Washtenaw Ave
Webster1401 S Indiana Ave
Weisman901 W Oakdale Ave
Welles2333 W Sunnyside Ave
Wendt667 W Roscoe St
Wentworth5625 S Mobile Ave
Wentworth Gardens3770 S Wentworth Ave
Wesolek13407 S Avenue M
West Chatham8223 S Princeton Ave
West Lawn4233 W 65Th St
West Pullman401 W 123Rd St
Western907 N Western Ave
White (Edward)1120 W 122Nd St
White (Jesse)410 W Chicago Ave
White (Willye)7631 N Ashland Ave
Wicker1425 N Damen Ave
Wieboldt1747 W Nelson St
Wildwood6950 N Hiawatha Ave
Williams2820 S State St
Williams- Davis4101 S. Lake Park Ave
Wilson (Frank)4630 N Milwaukee Ave
Wilson (John)1122 W 34Th Pl
Wilson (John) CC3225 S Racine Ave
Winnemac5001 N Leavitt St
Wolcott6551 S Wolcott Ave
Wolfe3325 E 108Th St
Wood2914 N Leavitt St
Woodhull7340 S East End Ave
Wrightwood2534 N Greenview Ave
Zatterberg4246 N Hermitage Ave

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