Program Overview

The goal of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Program is to streamline the existing process of construction, modifications, and rentals for telecommunication firms, engineering firms, and construction firms throughout the Chicago Park District owned areas.


SPAAN Tech, a Chicago based engineering firm with an extensive background in Program Management and Infrastructure Design & Construction, has been retained by the Chicago Park District to implement and manage the Chicago Park District’s Telecommunications Infrastructure Program.

We are using emerging and current technologies to streamline existing workflows that make the process more efficient and easy to use for telecommunications service providers, engineering, and construction firms. As a Chicago-based firm, we at SPAAN Tech understand and value the importance of our vibrant community and strive to provide excellent service.


Having a connected city brings our citizens countless benefits, such as the ability to easily engage with our families, friends, and neighbors without the concern of losing connection; listening to music with easy connectivity; and communicating with people across the world. This is all possible in connected parks.


Our experienced team of project managers, engineers and IT professionals brings a combined total of over 100 years of experience to actively build a new tomorrow each and everyday.

Let’s Connect Chicago, Together

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